Building Wordpress sites in the cloud nl

Door creator1988 op woensdag 11 juli 2012 15:20 - Reacties (3)
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As part of the new features that we launched two weeks in Cloud9 IDE we've added support for Python, Ruby and PHP as server side languages besides node.js. That's not just it, because users have full freedom over the VM that we run your code on so they can install any platform they like (C++ development in the cloud f.e.). The cool thing is that it's now possible to bring all sorts of already existing applications into Cloud9, without relying on third parties to do the actual Apache hosting etc. because you'll just get an Openshift server. In this post I'll show a step by step demo of how to use Cloud9 to build a Wordpress application without leaving the browser.

If you want to see the quickest demo possible, sign up for Cloud9 at, log in via GitHub and create an index.php file:
echo 'Hello world'

When you now click the 'Debug' button we spawn a shell version of PHP that echoes 'Hello world' back to you. To run it via Apache go to the run panel, select 'Apache+PHP' and re-click 'Debug'.

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